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Part of the exquisite collection by renowned jewellery artist,, extremely well known for her contemporary, fashionable and funky Venetian glass and featured in both Red and Elle magazine.

Entire collection is highly unique, showing distinctive individuality and superb craftsmanship. The innovative and vibrant venetian glass pieces are elegant and stylish for both night and day.

 This gorgeous, hand-crafted blue Venetian glass heart pendant is encased with gold leaf to stunning effect. A fantastic gift for any occasion.

The blue glass heart is suspended on a soft suede & organza ribbon. Please note as all venetian glass heart pieces are individually hand made, colours, shapes and sizes may vary slightly from the image shown. The Ribbon may vary in colour and style according to availability.
Women’s jewellery: whether it’s jewellery for her to wear every day or only on very special occasions, be it elegant or extravagant, individual or expensive, showy or sexy jewellery, you can be confident that jewellery is (nearly) always well-received.
You will discover jewellery so exclusive you cannot buy it anywhere else – online or at the jewellers. These painstakingly hand-crafted pieces whisper elegance and good taste. They are dramatic, without being ostentatious.

Behind each handmade range is a designer, who hand-makes each necklace, every bracelet and every pair of earrings individually. When the lady in question learns the facts about her fabulous new piece of jewellery, she will love it all the more.

If you find yourself unsure what to choose, remember this: gold, silver or platinum, diamond or pearl, sapphire or ruby – it matters not to her what jewellery gift you buy, for a princess can never have too many jewels!

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