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Women’s Bra – article of clothing worn by 95% of women. We pay much attention to the appearance of the bra, but often forget about the quality and the functions that it must perform. An unsuitable bra is not only upsets the eye, but becomes the cause of disease.

How it all began. Although the history of the modern bra began a little over half a century ago, women have since time immemorial have tried to use this clothing to maintain and improve breast shape. Interestingly, the first protective chest bandage used for military purposes, to protect themselves during battle or hunting. But in 16 century in the cloakroom of wealthy European ladies must attend corset, Whose important function is to maintain the breast from below, lifting it up. By the end of the 19 th century designers began experimenting with the cast, trying to make it more practical and less burdensome to the body. For example, in 1889 the owner of shop for corsets French Hermine Kadoll to offer its client to an updated version of a corset, which was attended these cups and two satin ribbons, straps to support the breast from the top of the shoulders. The next important stage was in 1903. The Frenchwoman Ghosh Saro-cut corset in the longitudinal direction by proposing two new items: a bra and belt to keep the stomach. Only a few decades away the fact that a bra was really easy to wear and a mass release. In the 1930′s bra were complementary pads to give splendor breastSimultaneously with this development appears numbering cups in the Latin alphabet (AF).

The modern bra performs several functions: it supports the breast, giving it an attractive form, facilitates the mobility of the body. In accordance with the appointment of distinguished several types of bras. Example, gives it an attractive formFacilitates the mobility of the body. In accordance with the appointment of distinguished several types of bras. Example, sports bra shape most resembles the ancient chest bandage. This bra has a broad-based, wide straps, and strongly Waist chest. Bra irreplaceable not only for active women, but pregnancy. When the breasts increase in size, becomes more sensitive, it is important to give it a good footing. Bras with buttons up the cups suitable for young mothers during breast-feeding.

Bra: Is it worth? Nowadays, almost all women recognize the vital importance of the bra, but find it difficult to describe the benefits of this design of the invention.

Since childhood, many of us are accustomed to believe that the bra prevents the dropping of the chest and eventually improves its shape. Breast is made up of glandular tissue interspersed with connective fibers and fat cells. That last is responsible for changing breast size during life. While the breasts are not supported by the muscles inside her meet ligmenty that maintain shape. With age, the chest sinks lower and lower, and the exact mechanism of such a movement as yet unknown. While the bra is designed to support the breast, it is effective only during the socks, but can not turn back the clock. Studies show that regardless of the choice of bra with the age of the breast changes shape.

Nevertheless, the bra is a necessity, especially for owners of magnificent forms. Fact is that weight of the female breast may reach several kilograms. This weight women have to wear it on himself (for comparison – try to wear a backpack in front of the body, rather than on the back). Not surprisingly, compared with bezgrudnymi men, women are less suited to physical work and quickly get tired during the day. LadiesCard holders large breasts may suffer from pain and discomfort in his back. The task of a good bra – take off the load from the back and shoulders, literally “to facilitate the chest”.

By the laws of physics. In the design of high-quality bra involved not only designers, but also engineers. The modern bra consists of three main parts: the cups, tie and shoulder straps. Cups may contain metal or plastic “bones” to increase the function of supporting and giving a special form of breast. To bra was comfortable, it is important to properly distribute the load between the straps and ties. If the bra is designed correctly, then to 80% weight breast offset tires, and only 20% of the load remains for the straps. When this limit is exceeded, the bra is only a decorative addition to a wardrobe. Bra with good support continues to be on the breast, even if the strap slipped off his shoulders.

It is important to note that a bra strap, designed for large breasts, should not be too thin. The thinner the strap, the greater the force required per unit of surface beneath them. This leads to peredavlivaniyu muscles, pain in the shoulders and back. From the thin straps especially affects women, whose daily activities include the raising of hands and requires increased blood flow in the upper extremities.

Need to adjust the length of the straps so as not to pinch the body underneath. When properly planted bra band should be positioned parallel to the floor, do not ride up on his back up. If there is a “bone”, then they should not sink into the chest, but rather pass directly under it.

In properly selected cups chest, sits like a glove, not a talker, and not hanging over the line of cups (it’s usually sways even bras with a horizontal cut of the cups).

Choosing a bra. According to polls, each of the 7 I’m a woman does not know her breast size, but from those who know, 70% doubted the correctness of his choice. But a bra is the foundation of women’s wardrobe, he is able to significantly adjust the shape and give a more aesthetic appearance!

Bra size is determined by two parameters: a chest girth and the size of cups. To measure the girth at breast sufficiently tighten centimeter and divide by two. This number corresponds to European size clothing – 34.36, 38, etc. To determine the size of the cups measure the girth of its exposed points (nipples), and then subtract leg under the breast. This approach, however, in most cases gives only a rough idea about the proper size. The problem is that the mass production of linen is taken into account only the volume of the body, but not its detailed description. So it turns out that placing the cups on the bra may not match the “landing” of the breast. In addition, the diameter of the breasts is not the same in all directions (eg, chest broad, but not too much further forward). No account is taken and a known asymmetry of the female body: 60% of the left breast slightly larger than the right. Size and shape of the breast vary in accordance with the phase of the menstrual cycle, And even breathing! All of these tricks lead to what leykaly to cut the same size bras give the final product discriminate among different designers in different countries. Do not forget about the psychological moment: women with large breasts are drawn to a small bras to achieve a safe reduction in volume, while women with small breasts often choose bras with massive ning cups to enlarge breasts.

Despite the difficulties in choosing a bra, There are several tricks that help adjust the shape of the breast and achieve the desired effect. Thus, horizontal seam in the cups and Mr.Horizontal Line Cutting rounded appearance that is suitable for women with small or conical breasts. If the chest “planted” close, then you should choose the cup in a vertical or diagonal seams (decorative elements, patterns). Cups with sutures in the form of letter “T” raise the visual and enlarges the breast. Bras “Push Up” (Similar to “Vanderbra”) Have at their basis of fixed foam inserts. These models increase the fullness of the breast.

On choosing the right bra is written many articles and manuals, but most of them agree that eTo detail wardrobe need only measure. Shopping in search of a good bra will delight not only a good buy, but will know more about your body, will give courage and confidence.

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