How to determine your bra (Brazier or brassiere) size?

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Some women believe that they are perfectly aware of their type and size of the bra, and do not even want to consider any other options. Sometimes they wear clothes, which causes a lot of discomfort and even pain. Once properly chosen model can poison the whole life. It should not be! Linen must give happiness and comfort, not to be your tormentor.

There are two main points to which attention must be paid in order to determine bra size:
1) The circumference of a chest in cm (it is responsible for the size 70,75,80, etc)
2) Chest (responsible for the size of the cup – A, B, C, etc.)

 The main thing to always remember that the circumference under the breasts and chest are complementary and can not be independent of each other. Since the girth at breast always correspond to their numeric values, but the cup size may vary. For example, you lost weight and girth of your old one under the chest of 80 you are too big, your cup size was a B, a consultant will offer you a smaller circumference under the breasts, such as 75, but the size of the cup, he will change, too! – And so you will be asked to measure 75S. This concept of “related dimensions” (see table below).

Here’s the basic rule: if the leg is reduced under the breast, the cup is increased and if the circumference under the breasts increases, the cup is reduced. This is because with the increase in under the breast cup to become wider, yustgalter – is not that fashionable sweaters, all the more difficult!

Related dimensions:
75A = 70V
80A = 75B = 70C
= 85A 80V = 75S
80V = 75S = 70D
85B = 80C = 75D
90B = 85C = 80D
85C = 80B = 75E
90D = 85E = 80F
90C = 85D = 80E
90E = 85F = 80G
80F = 75G

How to take measurements to find the right bra size?
Measurements must be removed in a comfortable classic bra, and not to the skin! It does not fit push-up bra or sports.
A. Underbust girth – measuring tape should fit snugly to the body and held strictly horizontal. Measured on a breath.
Two. Chest – the measurement is carried out on the most protruding point of the breast. The tape must go horizontally, and should not constrict the chest. You can not raise their hands. Measured on the exhale.
Be careful in every country has its own dimensional grid, b

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